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Porto – the new barefoot POLOLO for beginner runners in sizes 20-23

“Porto” – the new POLOLO model is made especially for children and their first steps. Basically, children, especially in this phase, should run barefoot for as long as possible - but since this is only possible when the temperatures and surfaces are suitable and the little ones often want to run a few steps outside, "Porto" was specially designed for these first steps outside and designed indoors. It is characterized by a wide, soft continue reading

Children's shoes made of cactus leather: material alternative for vegan POLOLOs

Fashion companies in the clothing and shoe industries are recording an increase in demand for environmentally friendly materials with convincing sustainability - in the sense of protecting nature and resources, but also the properties of the material. In addition to tried-and-tested textiles, so-called cactus leather is also often used in order to reconcile the valued properties of real leather with ecological and ethical standards: “cactus leather” is increasingly replacing the use of animal leather. POLOLO also offers one continue reading

pololo-innatex-july-2023-joint stand

July 2023 POLOLO's new collection season starts at the InNaTex specialist trade fair

At the international trade fair for natural textiles and clothing (InNaTex) in the MESSECENTER RHEIN-MAIN Hofheim am Taunus, POLOLO exhibited for the first time at a joint stand together with three friendly companies from July 29th to 31st, 2023. The cooperation, which has been tried and tested for years, has been taken to a new level - the tried and tested partners, disana, HIRSCH NATUR, PICKAPOOH and POLOLO, share basic ecological values. The open stand design enabled a lively exchange between each other and with the specialist retailers in a family atmosphere. Franziska Kuntze: “It was a fruitful and very nice collaboration!” POLOLO had a lot to do on all three days of the trade fair continue reading

9.6.23 Lecture by Dr. Wieland Kinz & Franziska Kuntze on the topic of barefoot shoes: advice, know-how and what to consider when buying

After a short welcome and introduction by the moderator, Franziska Kuntze from POLOLO, Dr. Wieland Kinz answered the question of whether wearing barefoot shoes makes sense and, in his remarks, referred to his decades of experience with international scientific studies - measuring children's feet and shoes. Basically, this discussion goes back a long time - as early as 1782 there was a first scientific paper that led to the realization that the feet get longer when walking, which is why shoes have to be longer than the feet. A sketch from the time shows the superimposed outlines of a shoe sole and foot, making it clear that continue reading

23.1.23/2023/XNUMX POLOLO collection winter XNUMX – what’s new?

At the “INNATEX | We presented our new 21 collection at the International Trade Fair for Sustainable Textiles from January 23.01.2023st to 23.01.2023rd, 2023 at the MESSECENTER RHEIN-MAIN in Hofheim am Taunus and for Rexor members on January XNUMXrd, XNUMX at the SOC Ratingen/Breitscheid:

April 4th to 9th, 2022: Big spring warehouse sale in the POLOLO ShowRoom

POLOLO collection - 2nd choice, discontinued models and samples at super reduced prices (while stocks last) POLOLO is making room for the new collection and clearing out the warehouse: discounts of up to 50 percent are available in the POLOLO ShowRoom in Berlin-Zehlendorf. Big spring warehouse sale April 4th to 9th, 2022 (Monday to Saturday) POLOLO by Primeri * Onkel-Tom-Straße 3*14169… continue reading

Barefoot in vegetable-tanned leather – why chrome-free leather is important!

New in the range from 2021: POLOLO barefoot shoes We only use vegetable-tanned leather to produce our barefoot collection. POLOLO barefoot shoes are particularly breathable, skin-friendly, soft and allergy-friendly. “Barefoot” models as indoor and outdoor versions The new “Barefoot” collection from POLOLO is designed for outdoors and the special requirements of kindergarten with a TPR sole or as a slipper version with a leather sole. The toe area is… continue reading

Anthroposophy – what connects POLOLO and Waldorf education?

The anthroposophical way of life: Do POLOLOs fit in? Rudolf Steiner is a household name for many. He became known worldwide as the founder of anthroposophy, school founder, artist and social reformer. He was a lateral thinker in his time and made a lot of difference. Waldorf education focuses on the child, the individual. Waldorf and POLOLOs, do they go together? In… continue reading

children's shoes; resell/inherit

Are POLOLOs a sustainable alternative? Is it really necessary to keep buying new clothes or shoes? Or is there an alternative that is sustainable and still looks chic? Full wardrobes – real treasure troves Every year, tens of new collections come out – the “latest trends”. Actually trends that already existed back then. In the… continue reading

Hemp: The universally applicable natural fiber

Report on the fiber training in the POLOLO ShowRoom, Part 4 At the end of our fiber training, the natural fiber hemp and a few short explanations on the topic of “Green Button” were on the agenda. The first hemp materials are said to have existed in Asia a good 12.000 years ago, said guest speaker Heike Hess, branch manager of the Association of the International Natural Textile Industry (IVN). Hemp ban phase led to… continue reading