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Porto – the new barefoot POLOLO for beginner runners in sizes 20-23

“Porto” – the new POLOLO model is made especially for children and their first steps. Basically, children, especially in this phase, should run barefoot for as long as possible - but since this is only possible when the temperatures and surfaces are suitable and the little ones often want to run a few steps outside, "Porto" was specially designed for these first steps outside and designed indoors. It is characterized by a wide, soft continue reading

9.6.23 Lecture by Dr. Wieland Kinz & Franziska Kuntze on the topic of barefoot shoes: advice, know-how and what to consider when buying

After a short welcome and introduction by the moderator, Franziska Kuntze from POLOLO, Dr. Wieland Kinz answered the question of whether wearing barefoot shoes makes sense and, in his remarks, referred to his decades of experience with international scientific studies - measuring children's feet and shoes. Basically, this discussion goes back a long time - as early as 1782 there was a first scientific paper that led to the realization that the feet get longer when walking, which is why shoes have to be longer than the feet. A sketch from the time shows the superimposed outlines of a shoe sole and foot, making it clear that continue reading

19.7.22 Lecture by children's physiotherapist Nina Holtkampvon on healthy children's feet

Notes from the POLOLO specialist dealer lecture with Nina Holtkamp The digital POLOLO specialist dealer lecture on July 19, 2022 was once again dedicated to the fundamental question of how children can be “good walkers” - on their way to healthy feet as the basis for foot health even in adulthood. This time the impetus was provided by pediatric physiotherapist Nina Holtkamp, ​​herself the mother of a 2-year-old daughter. Children's feet... continue reading

Dealer training Barefoot shoes as the best alternative to walking barefoot

Notes from the POLOLO specialist dealer lecture with Dr. Wieland Kinz The digital POLOLO specialist dealer lecture “Barefoot (shoes) in kindergarten” took place on April 5, 2022. Amazing research results - first-hand findings from the research project 'Children's Feet - Children's Shoes' with the Austrian sports scientist Dr. Wieland Kinz. As head of the research team “Children's Feet and Children's Shoes”, he is dedicated to investigating whether children even wear suitable shoes and why... continue reading

Barefoot in vegetable-tanned leather – why chrome-free leather is important!

New in the range from 2021: POLOLO barefoot shoes We only use vegetable-tanned leather to produce our barefoot collection. POLOLO barefoot shoes are particularly breathable, skin-friendly, soft and allergy-friendly. “Barefoot” models as indoor and outdoor versions The new “Barefoot” collection from POLOLO is designed for outdoors and the special requirements of kindergarten with a TPR sole or as a slipper version with a leather sole. The toe area is… continue reading