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Compensating and reducing emissions together!

Optimised transport routes reduce emissions, save resources and protect the environment. POLOLO stands for the highest social and ecological principles – in the interest of all, we strive for the highest level of environmental, nature and resource protection. Logistics company in Germany – with GOTS standard and own solar power generation Our logistics company WKS… continue reading


Barefoot in vegetable-tanned leather

New styles in the 2021 collection: POLOLO barefoot shoes

We only use vegetable-tanned leather for manufactoring our barefoot collection. POLOLO barefoot shoes are particularly breathable, skin-friendly, soft and continue reading

Vegan colourful shoes made from SEAQUAL® YARN

“Together for a clean ocean!” SEAQUAL INITIATIVE‘s motto has inspired us to create our new colourful children’s shoe collection made from Upcycled Marine Plastic. Unfortunately, millions of tonnes of waste still end up in our seas every year. We all know: This is a danger to our environment! SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works with ocean clean-up programmes,… continue reading


Second-Hand fashion as a sustainable alternative

Are POLOLOs a sustainable alternative?

Is it really necessary to keep buying always new clothes or shoes? Or is there an alternative that is continue reading


Hemp: The universally applicable natural fibre

Report on the „Fibre Seminar“ in POLOLO‘s ShowRoom, Part 4

At the end of our “Fibre Seminar”, the natural fibre hemp and a few short remarks on the topic of the “Green Button” were on the agenda. The first hemp fabrics are said to have existed in Asia a good 12,000 years ago, said guest speaker Heike Hess, office manager of the continue reading


Wool: The “air conditioner” among natural fibres

Report on the „Fibre Seminar“ in POLOLO‘s ShowRoom, Part 3

Wool from animal hair is considered the oldest fibre used by humans – the fur of farm animals was already used in the Stone Age, explained guest speaker Heike Hess, branch manager of the Association of the International Natural Textile Industry (IVN), in the third part of the „Fibre Seminar“ in POLOLO‘s ShowRoom. The two previous articles focusing on leather and cotton can also be found in our blog. We have also filmed the presentation on wool – you can find it at continue reading


POLOLO uses natural leather

Report on the POLOLO ShowRoom “Fibre Seminar” on leather In our second blog article on POLOLO‘s “Fibre Seminar”, we now deal with the topic of leather. The natural leather used by POLOLO nestles against children’s feet like a second skin. Our leather slippers are therefore the best alternative to healthy barefoot walking. This lecture given… continue reading


Cotton as a suitable material alternative

POLOLO also uses the “white gold”: Report from the POLOLO B2B lecture evening (“Fibre Seminar” for POLOLO retailers) on September 10th, 2019 in Berlin

Once again, we had an interesting lecture evening for retailers in our Berlin POLOLO ShowRoom in September 2019. Some participants took on extra long journeys to listen to the presentations by POLOLO Executive Director Franziska Kuntze and guest speaker Heike Hess, head of the office of the Association of the International Natural Textile Industry (IVN), on the focal points of leather, cotton, wool and hemp (all materials processed for the POLOLO shoe collection) and we would like to thank them continue reading


Car-free Day on September 22nd

A good opportunity to think about getting around on foot and to be equipped with good footwear

The “Car-free Day” was launched in 1998 on a French initiative. The intention of this day of action, which is now under the auspices of the EU, is to restrict motorised individual transport in order to motivate people, at least throughout Europe, to come together on streets, squares, crossroads and, above all, in their neighbourhoods, so that we can experience together that motorised vehicles are mobility aids, but that as such they must not dominate our lives and our movement behaviour. We guess that this day is a good opportunity to think about continue reading


IVN: For sustainability, respect and responsibility

POLOLO interview with Heike Hess, head of the office of the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry

The International Association of the Natural Textile Industry e.V. (IVN) is committed to sustainability, respect and responsibility towards the environment. At all stages of production and distribution, this attitude is to be implemented and brought to the attention of as many people as possible. POLOLO conducted an interview with Heike Hess, the continue reading