Care instructions for POLOLO children’s shoes

Children’s shoes get dirty quickly. The little ones are constantly on their feet – all parents know this. If you take care of shoes, they will last longer. It’s up to each individual to decide how much care they want to take. And cleaning shoes together with children can be a lot of fun – not only at St. Nicholas!

Care for our slippers
POLOLO leather slippers are like a second skin that snuggles around children’s feet, keeping them warm and protecting them. If they get dirty, it is best to clean them with a soft drapery or brush. For this purpose, nice brushes (also suitable for small children’s hands) made of high-quality beech wood and pure natural bristles are ideal. You can also remove more intensive dirt with a leather crepe or leather eraser. Please, only wash our POLOLO fabric shoes or even clean them in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius maximum. However, please do not wash our POLOLO leather shoes, as only leather shoes that have been heavily chemically treated could be washed in the washing machine.

To care for the leather and keep it supple and resistant, please use an ecological leather care product. For light dirt, a simple, nice olive oil will also do. IMPORTANT: please do not wipe from dark spots to light ones with the same cloth, as this could cause discolouration.

Slippers that have become wet can stain because our leather shoes are uncoated and chemically untreated. The best thing to do when they get wet is to stuff them with paper and let them dry. Please do not put the children’s shoes on or under the heater to dry nor dry them with a hair dryer – a change in colour could possibly occur.

Care for our MINI and MAXI collection: children’s outdoor shoes
Leather can be well impregnated with natural leather care products, e.g. from Tapir. We recommend that you do not use conventional waterproofing sprays, as these can contain greenhouse gases and a lot can go wrong when spraying. It is also better not to use them on small children. Small children like to play with their feet and touch them. Then the little hand goes to the shoes and directly into the mouth.

The best way to clean street shoes and slippers is with a drapery, leather crepe or leather eraser. There are also special ecological leather cleaners from some manufacturers. With a little water (don’t let the leather get too wet), you can get the shoes very well clean with these products.

COLOURS of children’s shoes
The leathers used by POLOLO are dyed with synthetic dyes and without the use of heavy metals. Every newly developed colour shade is tested in advance for its environmental compatibility. One criterion is the absence of heavy metals. Due to the IVN certification, every dye of the leathers we use has been tested for its compatibility and classified as harmless.

Natural characteristics of leather
Just as an apple from natural cultivation differs by its individual shape and minor irregularities from an industrially produced apple that looks “perfect” but whose surface has been manipulated by waxes and artificial light, the same applies to the difference between leather from vegetable tanning and industrial leather. We are of the opinion that naturalness does not have to be hidden, but that individuality is a sign of quality, especially if one can do without the use of harsh chemicals in the interest of man and nature. That is why our leathers show the traces of a cattle’s life and are neither re-stamped nor sealed with chemical synthetics.

Our leather dyes meet the highest ecological standards, are harmless and free of heavy metals. However, dyed, chemically untreated and especially uncoated natural leathers can stain. Therefore, please do not wear white socks in the leather slippers. The children’s slippers are lined with undyed, vegetable-tanned lining leather, so there is no risk of staining!

The production of the leather slippers and the compostable disposal (but please remove the rubber from the leather slippers first) are particularly environmentally friendly.

We at POLOLO wish you and your loved ones much joy with our high-quality natural product!

POLOLO advices

  • POLOLO leathers are compostable.
  • Dry with newspaper, not on the heater.
  • Brush off. Do not wash, no chemicals!
  • 100% vegetable inherited, uncoated leather – especially breathable.
  • Coloured leather can stain when wet!
  • Expert interview on proper care.
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