Children shoes for healthy feet

Children’s feet are something very special: Unlike small adult feet, they are still wonderfully soft, because the foot bones develop slowly over up to 18 years.

To ensure that children’s feet are well trained and can develop healthily, pressure and constriction must be avoided! Children’s feet are little marvels and can develop best when they are allowed to romp around barefoot. Unfortunately, however, it is often too cool, too dirty or too dangerous for this – so when the weather and surface are unfavourable for barefoot running, our POLOLOs are the ideal companions:

Our POLOLO children’s shoes are:

  • sustainable
  • durable
  • suitable for every child’s foot
  • robust
  • available in many different shapes and colours

Children are constantly “in action”: Their entire musculature is in motion – and that’s a good thing!

We attach great importance to sustainability

We understand sustainability in a holistic sense – health, social fairness as well as ecology, i.e. protection of the environment, nature and resources, are ultimately in the interest of us all!

These sustainability aspects complement each other and should by no means be considered in isolation. The use of allergy-friendly and skin-compatible materials help the little ones to develop healthily, but also set high standards along the supply chain, especially in the production of the individual materials and the finishing process. The well-being of the people working in production includes not only health but also dignified social standards in the design of workplaces, working conditions and remuneration. In the selection of materials, energy and material use, transport routes, freedom from harmful substances, protection against injuries, waste minimisation and environmentally compatible disposal are essential selection criteria.


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First walkers' shoes

The POLOLO Primero sole is ideally suited for baby walkers: The soft yet robust leather combined with a flexible sole make these baby walkers a reliable companion – making the first steps child’s play.

Climate neutral shipping
with Go-Green
Return free of charge
within Germany - not valid for SALE
Allergy suitable
Makes life easier for allergy sufferers!
Vegetable tanned natural leather
We attach great importance to sustainability!


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