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To find ecologically produced children's shoes, slippers, babyshoes or even walking shoes, which are also chic, is not so easy - as mothers we know that from our own experience, as we were searching in vain for our then still young children.
In our German online shop you will find a nice selection of slippers, sneakers, winter shoes, sandals, boots and sneakers. We do ship to many countries but in the moment our shop is just in German. Have fun at the selection and for any questions please contact us to [email protected]!
POLOLO - Ökologische Kinderschuhe
About us
We founded POLOLO in 2003 with the claim to offer you a diverse collection of ecofriendly skin-compatible shoes ” made in Germany ” (house and kindergarten shoes) and ” made in Spain ” (outdoor shoes).

Children´s Shoes

Our POLOLO leather shoe line with fantastic designs, wonderful shapes and of course they are made from real leather – that has been 100% vegetable tanned using plants.

Our POLOLOs are always breathable – made from vegetable-tanned leather, wool, cotton or from hemp! Our own manufactory in the Franconian village of Oberreichenbach in Bavaria, where shoes are still handcrafted, was audited and certified according to the quality standards “IVN Natural Leather” and “bio kreis”. All POLOLOs carry the ECARF seal for allergy-friendly products.


IVN-Siegel Naturleder
Made in Germany
Siegel "Schadstoffarm"