The plus12 is the first shoe size and brand independent measuring device for checking the fit (length) of children's shoes
What the plus12 can do is measure the inside length of shoes and also specify the desired margin of 12
We at POLOLO have been working with the research team around Dr. Wieland Kinz on the subject of children's shoes and children's feet and greatly appreciate his expertise and his commitment to healthy children's and therefore also adult feet. Dr. Wieland Kinz is a sports scientist. His final thesis at the University of Salzburg resulted in the first German-language publication on the subject of “Children’s feet and children’s shoes”.
In order to make measuring children's feet and then also children's shoes convenient at home, regardless of the brand, he developed the measuring device plus 12.
• Measures the length of children's feet and automatically adds 12 mm of space for suitable shoes • Measures the inside length of shoes (in millimeters, from size 18 to size 45) Plus12 is now widely used by many retailers and at home as a standardization for Unfortunately there are no shoe sizes in this sense.
The shoe sizes are also different at POLOLO,
For example, the inside length of the POLOLO shoe size 30 is not necessarily the same inside length of the shoe size 30 from another children's shoe manufacturer. Shoe sizes are an important guide, but specifying the inside length of the shoe in centimeters is therefore much more interesting and important for you as parents!
How do you measure children's feet with plus12? 1. Measure foot
Place plus12 next to your foot and extend it so far that the red tip is slightly longer than your toes. Then place your child on the plus12 barefoot or in matching socks. And pushes the measuring scale to the foot. This is how the foot should be placed in the measuring device. Read the millimeter value on the back of the measuring tape (this is the foot length including 12 mm of play). Now you already have the required inside length for a suitable shoe! As an example: If your child has a foot length of 12,5 cm, the measuring device would recommend a shoe with an inside length of 13,7-14 cm. For us that would be size 22. The shoe should always leave plenty of room for the foot but please also remember that shoes that are too big are not good either. The heel area is also an important criterion, so please check whether the shoe fits well on the heel and is not too wide.
The measuring scale gives you the appropriate inside shoe length. 2. Measure the shoe
We at POLOLO specify the corresponding inside length for each model, so you don't actually have to measure the shoe again (but we also have deviations). But inner lengths are not specified for all shoe brands and since the plus12 can be used universally, please check the inner shoe length as described here. To do this, please insert the plus12 into the shoe and extend the tape measure as far as it will go. Read the millimeter value on the back of the tape measure (please remember that slight deviations are possible). If you have problems pushing the red tip all the way to the front of the toe area of ​​the shoe, then the shoe is too low! This can happen with some shoe brands. 3. Fits? Compares the values ​​of the foot and shoe measurement: In order for the shoe to meet the minimum requirements, both values ​​should be identical.
Here again the description in many languages ​​(French, Italian, Spanish...) as a PDF

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Additional information

Fit of children's shoes

The human foot takes approximately 18 years to fully develop. Of course, it grows fastest in the beginning. Therefore, you parents should check the fit of your children's shoes every 3-4 months. For POLOLO street shoes, we have always developed removable soles - as far as this was possible for the respective style. On the one hand, you can easily replace a sole (e.g. add a wool sole for the winter) and you can use it to measure the foot length and fit very well. If the imprint of the big toe is already dangerously far forward, then your child has already grown again and is due for the next shoe size. Our soles are all very flexible, especially our Barefoot collection.

POLOLO pursues the highest ecological standards

When producing our POLOLOs in Spain, we pay great attention to ecological, pollutant-free materials and workmanship throughout the entire production chain. We only use German natural leather that is vegetable tanned and certified, organic quality cotton (organic / kbA) and wool from controlled organic animal husbandry (organic / kbT). POLOLOs are allergy-friendly and therefore our leathers are naturally chrome-free.

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