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Children's shoes made of cactus leather: material alternative for vegan POLOLOs

Fashion companies in the clothing and shoe industries are recording an increase in demand for environmentally friendly materials with convincing sustainability - in the sense of protecting nature and resources, but also the properties of the material. In addition to tried-and-tested textiles, so-called cactus leather is also often used in order to reconcile the valued properties of real leather with ecological and ethical standards: “cactus leather” is increasingly replacing the use of animal leather. POLOLO also offers one continue reading

Barefoot in vegetable-tanned leather – why chrome-free leather is important!

New in the range from 2021: POLOLO barefoot shoes We only use vegetable-tanned leather to produce our barefoot collection. POLOLO barefoot shoes are particularly breathable, skin-friendly, soft and allergy-friendly. “Barefoot” models as indoor and outdoor versions The new “Barefoot” collection from POLOLO is designed for outdoors and the special requirements of kindergarten with a TPR sole or as a slipper version with a leather sole. The toe area is… continue reading