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Barefoot in vegetable-tanned leather

New styles in the 2021 collection: POLOLO barefoot shoes

We only use vegetable-tanned leather for manufactoring our barefoot collection. POLOLO barefoot shoes are particularly breathable, skin-friendly, soft and continue reading


Vegan colourful shoes made from SEAQUAL® YARN

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE: “Together for a clean ocean!”

This motto of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE inspired us to create our new colourful children’s shoe collection made from upcycled marine plastic. Unfortunately, many millions of tons of waste still end up in our oceans every year. We all know: This is a danger to our environment! For SEAQUAL® YARN, this plastic waste is collected from the seabed off the Spanish coast by around 400 partner fishermen and then processed into SEAQUAL® YARN – each produced kilogram corresponds to continue reading


The anthroposophical way of life: Do POLOLOs fit in?

Rudolf Steiner is a well-known name for many

Steiner has become known worldwide as the founder of anthroposophy, school founder, artist and social reformer. He was a lateral thinker in his time and moved many things. Waldorf education focuses on the continue reading


Hemp: The universally applicable natural fibre

Report on the „Fibre Seminar“ in POLOLO‘s ShowRoom, Part 4

At the end of our “Fibre Seminar”, the natural fibre hemp and a few short remarks on the topic of the “Green Button” were on the agenda. The first hemp fabrics are said to have existed in Asia a good 12,000 years ago, said guest speaker Heike Hess, office manager of the continue reading


Mobility requires motivation and training

Adults and other children play a decisive role in shaping the little ones’ attitude towards walking

Our feet are a true marvel – by the way, the training of a child’s motor skills begins right after birth: When you hold your baby in your arms and carry it around with you, you are already setting in motion an important training process – the little one first learns to hold on, to be able to hold its head and to balance itself. These are the basics for continue reading


April 21st is Kindergarten Day

Honouring the first kindergarten created by Friedrich Fröbel in Bad Blankenburg in 1840

“Kindergarten Day” is celebrated mainly in the USA – it is intended to commemorate the birthday of the German educator and inventor of the modern kindergarten, Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel (1782-1852). He was a student of the famous Swiss educator Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827). Fröbel recognised that early childhood was of central importance from an educational point of view – he put his theoretical insights into practice and developed a system of activity opportunities, songs and so-called play gifts to promote continue reading


Awaiting St. Nicholas’ Day well groomed

The commemorative day dedicated to Saint Nicholas has given rise to a variety of folk customs over the centuries

The legendary Saint Nicholas is traced back to the Bishop of Myra, who lived between the third and fourth centuries in the southwest of Asia Minor in what is now Turkey. The year of his birth and death varies greatly, but it is certain that he died on 6 December. He is one of the best-known saints in all of Christendom. The day of commemoration on December 6 th has given rise to continue reading


St. Martin’s Day: Well-fitted with POLOLOs …

… to join the lantern parade

Even today, parades with self-made lanterns are very popular with children of kindergarten and primary school age

St. Martin’s Day, also known regionally as “Saint Martin’s Day”, “Martin’s Festival” or “Martini”, is dedicated to the memory of Saint Martin of Tours, who is said to have been buried on November 11 th, 397. This day is still celebrated in many ways in Central Europe today – numerous customs, such as the “St. Martin’s goose dinner”, the “St. Martin’s procession” or the “St. Martin’s singing” have survived into our time.
Very popular with children of kindergarten and primary school age are continue reading