Natural leather

Natural leather – vegetable tanning over thousands of years

POLOLO relies primarily on Valonea tanning

Experts assume that vegetable leather tanning was already used more than 5,000 years ago – both by the advanced civilisations of the time (e.g. in Egypt) and by European natives (e.g. in the Alpine region).

Tried and tested method for many generations

If you are looking for only the best for children, the environment and health, when making children’s shoes you should rely on raw materials and leathers that have been known for thousands of years: Tanning leathers based on plant raw materials such as barks, woods, pods, leaves or roots has been the tried and tested method for many generations.

POLOLO mainly uses natural leather tanned with Valonea

Worldwide, about 300 different plant species are used for tanning. POLOLO relies primarily on natural leather tanned with Valonea – a wild-growing oak species in Mediterranean countries. Such leathers are characterised by strength and toughness as well as lightfastness.

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