The art of expressing language or music with the body through movement

Eurythmy connects mind and body and strengthens social behaviour and trust in a community. Through coordination exercises it helps to connect the body with the mind.

Eurythmy as an anthroposophical art of movement

Eurythmy (Evenness of Motion) is considered an anthroposophical art of movement and is used as a stage art as well as a therapeutic method (Eurythmy Therapy) and is an integral part of Waldorf Education.

The body as an instrument of eurythmy

The instrument of eurythmy is one’s own body, with which music and speech are expressed — every sound from “A” to “Z” has its own gesture. In eurythmy, arms and hands articulate soft, flowing gestures; legs and feet usually follow a choreography.

Tension between thinking and feeling

Eurythmy lives from the energy of the community. It is about the individual in and around the group, about distance and closeness and forms – it is a give and take between people, according to the principle of order and chaos. The rhythmic order of eurythmy creates a field of tension between thinking and feeling.

Ballerinas from the POLOLO barefoot collection are suitable for the flowing movements of eurythmy

There are special silk dresses and eurythmy shoes. The ballerinas from the POLOLO Barefoot collection are also suitable, because they can support the little feet to perform the right movements.

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