SEAQUAL INITIATIVE: “Together for a clean ocean!”

This motto of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE inspired us to create our new colourful children’s shoe collection made from upcycled marine plastic. Unfortunately, many millions of tons of waste still end up in our oceans every year. We all know: This is a danger to our environment! For SEAQUAL® YARN, this plastic waste is collected from the seabed off the Spanish coast by around 400 partner fishermen and then processed into SEAQUAL® YARN – each produced kilogram corresponds to one kilogram of waste.

The goal is a clean sea

The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE focuses on plastic waste from the seabed. The SEAQUAL INITIAVE partner network starts with fishing boats and extends to spinning mills, weaving mills and brands committed to ridding the ocean of waste and producing ecologically sound yarns, fibres and fabrics. It is estimated that eight million tonnes of waste end up in the sea every year, 80 per cent of which sinks to the seabed.
This kind of pollution is getting worse and threatens to get out of control. If we don’t change our habits soon, by 2025 our oceans could contain one tonne of plastic for every three tonnes of fish.


We usually avoid the use of polyester, but we were more than convinced by this system and the quality of the fabrics. SEAQUAL® YARN has the same properties as fibres made of conventional polyester, but is far superior to them from an ecological point of view.
It actively contributes to cleaning the oceans, saves water and energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. Material traceability and certificates also assure the end consumer that by choosing a SEAQUAL® YARN product, they are supporting the end of plastic pollution in a sustainable way.

Photo: The new vegan motif POLOLOs made of SEAQUAL® YARN are available in sizes 18/19 - 26/27