Rudolf Steiner is a well-known name for many

Steiner has become known worldwide as the founder of anthroposophy, school founder, artist and social reformer. He was a lateral thinker in his time and moved many things. Waldorf education focuses on the child, the individual.

Waldorf and POLOLOs, do they go together?

The anthroposophical way of life is about the origin, the source. When clothes or shoes are made, it has to fit from the beginning. Starting with the animal husbandry, the agriculture, all the way to the production of the product. All are important parameters so that raw materials for clothing and shoes can have the best conditions for the creation of pollutant-free clothing made of e.g. cotton, hemp, wool or leather. And that is exactly what we are concerned about.
In the production of POLOLOs, we also pay attention to the highest quality and to the fact that the individual steps lead to a sustainable and pollutant-free product in which our children can feel good.

Shoes and clothing for well-being

Shoes and clothing for people and especially for children should promote well-being. They can only do this if some criteria are met.
Breathable clothing is important for proper temperature regulation. It prevents heat accumulation or hypothermia. Clothing and shoes made of natural fibres from controlled organic animal husbandry or controlled organic cultivation, such as leather, wool, linen, silk and cotton, have the property of regulating the body temperature.

Optimum freedom of movement and comfort in everyday life

For children, the clothing and the wearing of the shoes convey the perception of their own body. They provide support and boundaries. In addition to the material, the fit and quality of clothing are also important. If clothing or shoes are too big or uncomfortable, the child can only feel the limits to a limited extent. And if clothes slip, the child is constantly trying to put them back in the right position. The size and quality of the clothes and shoes therefore play an important role.
The fit must also be right; sleeves that are too long hinder the child when playing. This restricts freedom of movement. Shoes that are too big or too tight impair the child’s ability to explore, play, romp, climb, jump and run. It cannot concentrate on the essentials and is taken out of the game. Clothing that is too tight is also counterproductive. The child’s own impulses during play and interests cannot be pursued unhindered in this way. Clothing and shoes should allow an optimum of freedom of movement and comfort in everyday life.

All this fits very well with the anthroposophical way of life and POLOLOs are therefore good quality companions and provide security and ease of movement!

Photo: Mother and child – comfort in everyday life