POLOLO Size Tables

Our POLOLO children's shoes - here are our size indications for the collections:

Leather Slippers

sizesage approx.inner sole lengthmax. foot length
16/170-3 months10.0 cm8.5 cm
18/192-9 months11.8 cm10.3 cm
20/218-16 months12.5 cm11.0 cm
22/2315-22 months13.7 cm12.2 cm
24/2521-36 months15.4 cm13.9 cm
26/272.5-4 years16.5 cm15.0 cm
28/293.5-5 years18.0 cm16.5 cm
30/314.5-6 years19.5 cm18.0 cm
32/334-7 years21.0 cm19.5 cm
34/3522.4 cm20.9 cm
36/3723.3 cm21.8 cm
38/3924.4 cm22.9 cm
40/4126.0 cm24.5 cm
42/4327.3 cm25.8 cm
44/4528.5 cm27.0 cm
Example: Paul's feet are 10.6 cm. Plus the free space of 1.5 cm this makes 12.1 cm.
So Paul needs size 20/21.

POLOLO’s SOFT slippers are handmade, so the inside lengths may vary slightly. Some POLOLOs are also slightly smaller than shoes of other brands. Please follow our tips for measuring the feet and leave the foot approx. 1.5 cm free space in front – thank you very much!

Kindergarten Slippers

sizesinner sole lengthmax. foot length
24/2515.7 cm14.2 cm
26/2717.0 cm15.5 cm
28/2918.5 cm17.0 cm
30/3119.5 cm18.0 cm
32/3321.0 cm19.5 cm
Example: Irma's feet are 13.7 cm. Plus the free space of 1.5 cm this makes 15.2 cm.
So Irma needs size 24/25.

POLOLO‘s Kindergarten styles have a felt insole and a slip-resistant, water-repellent TPR outsole. This provides particularly slip-resistant, warming and at the same time breathable protection for the tender feet of kindergarten and school children, but they could be worn of course also at home. They are not suitable for permanent outdoor use!

MINI Outdoor / Learning to walk Shoes size 20-27

sizeinner sole lengthmax. foot length
2012.3 cm10.8 cm
2113.0 cm11.5 cm
2213.6 cm12.1 cm
2314.0 cm12.5 cm
2414.8 cm13.3 cm
2515.8 cm14.3 cm
2616.6 cm15.1 cm
2717.0 cm15.5 cm
Example: Mika's feet are 12.3 cm. Plus the free space of 1.5 cm this makes 13.8 cm.
So Mika needs size 23.

MAXI Outdoor Shoes size 24-38

sizesinner sole lengthmax. foot length
2415.3 cm13.8 cm
2515.9 cm14.4 cm
2616.5 cm15.0 cm
2717.3 cm15.8 cm
2817.7 cm16.2 cm
2918.2 cm16.7 cm
3019.1 cm17.6 cm
3119.7 cm18.2 cm
3220.3 cm18.8 cm
3321,0 cm19.5 cm
3421.6 cm20.1 cm
3522.1 cm20.6 cm
3623.0 cm21.5 cm
3723.8 cm22.3 cm
3824.5 cm23.0 cm
Example: Greta's feet are 17 cm. Plus the free space of 1.5 cm this makes 18.5 cm.
So Greta needs size 30.

Please pay attention to the length of the inner sole when buying POLOLO’s MAXI street shoes to determine the correct size. The “Monte“ and “Loma“ styles are slightly larger. Lined winter shoes should be bought slightly larger.

Wool Felt Slippers

sizesinner sole lengthmax. foot length
20/2111.5 cm10.0 cm
22/3312.7 cm11.2 cm
24/2514.4 cm12.9 cm
26/2715.5 cm14.0 cm
28/2917.0 cm15.5 cm
30/3118.8 cm17.3 cm
32/3320.0 cm18.5 cm
34/3521.4 cm19.9 cm
Example:Ben's feet are 13.3 cm. Plus the free space of 1.5 cm this makes 14.8 cm.
So Ben needs size 26/27.

POLOLO‘s felt slippers are made from Tyrolean wool walk. They nestle wonderfully up against the foot and are super comfortable!

MINI & MAXI Outdoor Shoes
POLOLO‘s children’s shoes sometimes turn out a little smaller than models from other manufacturers because we use Spanish lasts! When buying them, please take note of our size chart and the length of the insoles. The important free space of approx. 1.5 cm should also be taken into account. Lined shoes should be bought larger, because the 100% wool lining makes the shoe interior smaller. Almost all POLOLO street shoes have a removable insole – so you can check the fit again and, above all, check the size again and again while wearing them, because children’s feet grow!

POLOLO’s SOFT slippers
Our leather slippers are generally smaller than models from other manufacturers. When buying them, please make sure you take into account the specified length of the inner sole and in addition a free space of approx. 1-1.5 cm!