This POLOLO slipper has a wide toe box, a non-slip sole, is very light and adapts perfectly to the foot. Thanks to the integrated elastic band, it can be easily pulled over the child's foot and the little ones can therefore put on and take off their shoes independently at a very early age. Good for narrow and medium width feet. For wider feet with, for example, high insteps or baby fat, the models with Velcro fasteners are more suitable. These have a wide entry and can be opened wide.
The model is made from SEAQUAL® YARN – and lined with soft cotton (in organic quality). Ideal for home, crèche and kindergarten. The model is vegan.
The model can be washed by hand at 30°C or on a wool cycle.
The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE inspired us to create our colorful children's shoe collection made from upcycled marine plastic and plastic. Unfortunately, millions of tons of waste still end up in our oceans every year. Through the commitment of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, plastic waste is collected from the sea by partner fishermen, land initiatives and volunteers off the North African and Spanish coasts and then processed into SEAQUAL® YARN. Every kilogram of SEAQUAL® YARN produced corresponds to one kilogram of waste. The material consists of 10% marine plastic (collected on beaches, in the sea, on rivers) which is mechanically processed and 90% recycled post-consumer plastic. The goal is a clean sea and a clean environment. The partner network starts with fishing boats and extends to spinning mills, weaving mills and brands that are committed to ridding the sea of ​​waste and producing ecologically friendly yarns, fibers and fabrics. We usually do not use polyester, but this system and the quality of the fabrics have fundamentally convinced us. SEAQUAL® YARN has the same properties as fibers made from conventional polyester, but is superior from an ecological point of view.
We deliver these slippers unpackaged
We try to avoid packaging for our shoes as much as possible. We don’t use plastic packaging at all. In our opinion, the goal should be to avoid useless packaging and plastic. That's why we completely do without outer packaging for this model. It is tied in pairs with a beautiful cord. No shoebox, no bag, no plastic.

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This motto of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE inspired us to create our colorful slipper collection made from upcycled sea plastic. Unfortunately, millions of tons of plastic waste still end up in our oceans every year. We all know: This is a danger to our environment! Through the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, it is collected from the seabed off the Spanish coast by around 400 partner fishermen and then processed into SEAQUAL® YARN. Every kilogram of SEAQUAL® YARN produced corresponds to one kilogram of waste. In order to avoid waste, POLOLO largely avoids outer packaging and the use of plastic.

Vegan line made from the prickly pear cactus

POLOLO is always looking for new ecological, modern solutions and materials for the production of beautiful and contemporary children's shoes. In our sneaker line made of “cactus leather”, the raw material is obtained from the prickly pear cactus.

It is made from the leaves of the prickly pear cactus. This is not cleared, but only renewable leaves are used for production. The cultivation is controlled organic. No energy is used to dry the leaves. The leaves dry in the sun.

Our motto: We believe that there is always a way to see and do things differently. Maximization is by no means everything - we at POLOLO believe we have a great responsibility towards the environment and future generations!

PS: By the way, Pololo is Chilean and means “steady friend” and that’s what POLOLO should be – a good, long-term companion!

Not all cotton is the same. The sustainable alternative is called organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation.

Organic cotton is cotton that is produced and certified according to the guidelines and standards of organic farming. The cultivation of organic cotton is sustainable and maintains the health of the soil, nature and people, as only natural products and sustainable methods are used instead of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. The use of toxic chemicals and genetically modified organisms (e.g. seeds) is prohibited. Instead, growing organic cotton combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the environment and promote a good quality of life for all.

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Valid for “Cosy”, “Uni Cotton” and “Slippers made from Seaqual Yarn”

  • Insole length: Please add 1,2 to 1,5cm for toe room.
Shoe size Insole length Insole width
Forefoot widest point
18/19 12,2 cm 5,9 cm
20/21 13,6 cm 6,1 cm
22/23 14,9 cm 6,3 cm
24/25 16,1 cm 6,5 cm
26/27 17,4 cm 6,7 cm

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0 – 12 months, 1 – 6 years



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