POLOLO is always on the lookout for new ecological, modern solutions and materials for the production of beautiful and contemporary children's shoes. With our concerns for the environment and the future, we are thriving to find innovative, climate and environmentally friendly solutions for the production of shoes. We love nature and want to help shape a fair and sustainable supply chain, for all the needs that our customers have. For a long time, we have searched for a leather alternative material for our shoe collection. In Mexico we have found it: cactus leather!

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Fit of children's shoes

The human foot takes about 18 years to finally develop. In the beginning, of course, it grows the fastest. Therefore, you parents should check the fit of your children’s shoes every 3-4 months. We have always developed removable soles for POLOLO street shoes – as far as this was possible for the respective style. On the one hand, you can then easily change the sole (e.g. put in a wool sole for the winter) and you can measure the foot length or fit very well with it. If the imprint of the big toe is already alarmingly far forward, then your child has already grown again and the next shoe size is due. Our soles are all very flexible, especially our Barefoot collection.

POLOLO pursues the highest ecological standards

When manufacturing our POLOLOs in Spain, we pay great attention to ecological, pollutant-free materials and processing throughout the entire production chain. We only use German natural leathers that are vegetable tanned and certified, organic cotton (Bio / kbA) and wool from controlled organic animal husbandry (Bio / kbT). POLOLOs are allergy-friendly and therefore our leathers are naturally chrome-free.


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1 – 6 years

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