The soft POLOLO barefoot slippers made of cotton (organic quality) are ideal for home, crèche and kindergarten.
Here you can find the size chart for this model. Our slippers are made with love and hand-sewn, so there may be slight variations in length.
Barefoot slippers and non-slip sole
This POLOLO slipper has a wide toe box, is very light and adapts perfectly to the foot. The flexible and non-slip rubber minimal sole is super flexible. Thanks to the integrated elastic band, it can be easily pulled over the child's foot and the little ones can therefore put on and take off their shoes independently at a very early age. Good for narrow and medium width feet. For wider feet with, for example, high insteps or baby fat, the models with Velcro fasteners are more suitable. These have a wide entry and can be opened wide.
Washable with hand wash or wool cycle
The children's slippers can be washed by hand in cold, lukewarm or wool cycle. However, cotton can shrink when washed.
Material cotton (organic & vegan)
The model is made of cotton (organic), this material ensures a healthy foot climate - so you can also wear the shoe wonderfully barefoot. The cotton we process is certified and its cultivation is controlled organically. Organic cultivation includes genetically modified plants as well chemical-synthetic fertilizers and pesticides prohibited. Farmers combat pests using more traditional methods, thereby protecting the environment and their own health. In organic farming, alternating crops are grown in the fields (alternative farming), which keeps the number of pests low. On the other hand, other plants are planted between and next to the cotton plants, which are even more attractive to pests. In addition, the avoidance of synthetic pesticides ensures that the natural enemies of cotton pests also survive and help in pest control. Organic cotton is good for the environment, farmers and consumers: adhering to the guidelines for organic farming protects the environment. The farmers benefit from, among other things, greater yields, fair pay and lower health risks. As a consumer, you benefit from the clothing being better tolerated by the skin. In the end, this is also healthier for the small and large people who wear the finished clothing on their skin.
We deliver these slippers unpackaged
We try to avoid packaging for our shoes as much as possible. We don’t use plastic packaging at all. In our opinion, the goal should be to avoid useless packaging and plastic. That's why we completely do without outer packaging for this model. It is tied in pairs with a beautiful cord. No shoebox, no bag, no plastic.

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Fit of children's shoes

The human foot takes approximately 18 years to fully develop. Of course, it grows fastest in the beginning. Therefore, you parents should check the fit of your children's shoes every 3-4 months. For POLOLO street shoes, we have always developed removable soles - as far as this was possible for the respective style. On the one hand, you can easily replace a sole (e.g. add a wool sole for the winter) and you can use it to measure the foot length and fit very well. If the imprint of the big toe is already dangerously far forward, then your child has already grown again and is due for the next shoe size. Our soles are all very flexible, especially our Barefoot collection.

POLOLO pursues the highest ecological standards

When producing our POLOLOs in Spain, we pay great attention to ecological, pollutant-free materials and workmanship throughout the entire production chain. We only use German natural leather that is vegetable tanned and certified, organic quality cotton (organic / kbA) and wool from controlled organic animal husbandry (organic / kbT). POLOLOs are allergy-friendly and therefore our leathers are naturally chrome-free.

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Valid for “Cosy”, “Uni Cotton” and “Slippers made from Seaqual Yarn”

  • Insole length: Please add 1,2 to 1,5cm for toe room.
Shoe size Insole length Insole width
Forefoot widest point
18/19 12,2 cm 5,9 cm
20/21 13,6 cm 6,1 cm
22/23 14,9 cm 6,3 cm
24/25 16,1 cm 6,5 cm
26/27 17,4 cm 6,7 cm

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