Chico - Lightweight children's sneaker made of organic cotton with elastic band - perfect for the summer
Here is the ideal summer shoe for active children! Our children's sneakers made from 100% certified organic cotton combine the highest level of comfort with environmentally friendly production. This is good for nature and health. "Chico" is light, breathable and perfect for warm days.
  • Material: The sneaker is made of soft and breathable organic cotton, which is gentle on your children's sensitive skin and keeps their feet pleasantly cool.
  • Design: The sporty design in fresh, summery colors goes with any outfit and is suitable for the playground, kindergarten as well as everyday life.
  • Elastic band: Thanks to the practical elastic band, the sneaker is easy to put on and take off and adapts perfectly to the foot.
  • Sole: The flexible and non-slip rubber sole offers excellent grip and freedom of movement, so your child can run, jump and play without any worries.
  • Comfort: The soft cotton insole provides additional comfort. The breathable materials prevent excessive sweating and ensure a pleasant foot climate.
  • Vegan: “Chico” was produced without the use of animal ingredients.
Why organic cotton? Organic cotton is grown in an environmentally friendly way and without harmful chemicals. It is particularly skin-friendly and ideal for sensitive children's skin. By choosing organic cotton, you are contributing to a more sustainable future and offering your child the best in quality and comfort. Our organic cotton children's sneaker with elastic band is the perfect choice for summer. Light, flexible and breathable – this sneaker ensures that your child can enjoy every summer day to the fullest.  

Additional information

Fit of children's shoes

The human foot takes approximately 18 years to fully develop. Of course, it grows fastest in the beginning. Therefore, you parents should check the fit of your children's shoes every 3-4 months. For POLOLO street shoes, we have always developed removable soles - as far as this was possible for the respective style. On the one hand, you can easily replace a sole (e.g. add a wool sole for the winter) and you can use it to measure the foot length and fit very well. If the imprint of the big toe is already dangerously far forward, then your child has already grown again and is due for the next shoe size. Our soles are all very flexible, especially our Barefoot collection.

POLOLO pursues the highest ecological standards

When producing our POLOLOs in Spain, we pay great attention to ecological, pollutant-free materials and workmanship throughout the entire production chain. We only use German natural leather that is vegetable tanned and certified, organic quality cotton (organic / kbA) and wool from controlled organic animal husbandry (organic / kbT). POLOLOs are allergy-friendly and therefore our leathers are naturally chrome-free.

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Valid for “Verano”, “Primero”, “Juan”, “Nino”, “Karla”, “Arena”, “Pepe”, “Chico”, “Chelsea Mini” and “Sneaker Mini”

Insole length

  • For unlined models, please allow 1,2 - 1,5 cm tolerance for toe clearance.
  • For wool-lined models, please add 1,5-1,7 cm for toe room.
Shoe size Insole length Insole width
Forefoot widest point
20 12,7 cm 5,3 cm
21 13,3 cm 5,4 cm
22 14 cm 5,5 cm
23 14,8 cm 5,6 cm
24 15,4 cm 5,7 cm
25 16 cm 5,8 cm
26 16,6 cm 5,9 cm
27 17,3 cm 6,0 cm

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0 – 12 months, 1 – 6 years



Cotton (organic)

outer material




Medium, Wide


“Primero” TPR learning sole