Are POLOLOs a sustainable alternative?

Is it really necessary to keep buying always new clothes or shoes? Or is there an alternative that is sustainable and still looks chic?

Full wardrobes – veritable treasure chambers

Every year, umpteen new collections come out – as the “latest trends”. Actually, trends that already existed back then. Wardrobes are usually full of clothes and a rich selection of shoes. Is it necessary to have so much? Let’s face it: We never wear everything we have at home!
Aren’t a few selected pieces of really good quality enough? Second-hand shops offer a wide range of clothes and shoes. There are often hidden treasures. You can swap or give away the clothes. A wonderful alternative to constantly buying new goods.

Second-Hand: quality shoes with resale value

This is also possible with shoes. Class instead of mass! That’s what POLOLO stands for. Just like in the good old days when quality still came first. Isn’t it wonderful when the shoes from the first child still fit the second and are still in good shape? This way, the favourite pieces can be worn for a long time or simply offered in a Second-Hand shop.
Many pieces also have quite a high resale value. Even our high-quality POLOLOs can be resold when they no longer fit. Our inner soles can also be easily exchanged – available from your specialist retailer or from us in the shop. This makes the resale value even greater and the shoe is almost as good as new again when it is passed on. That is exactly what is important to us.

Not always new – but always high quality!

We produce shoes that can be worn for a long time, but small children’s feet grow so quickly. What can we do? Especially the small children’s shoes can then be passed on with a good feeling or sold on at a good price.
It doesn’t always have to be new. It doesn’t always have to be a lot. But it has to be good and of high quality, otherwise it will end up in the bin all too quickly. POLOLO’s are therefore always a sustainable alternative and contribute to a change in our consumer behaviour!

Photo: The "Juan" lace-up in Red made of vegetable-tanned leather – can be worn for a long time