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“Porto” – the new POLOLO style is specially made for children and their first steps. In principle, children should walk barefoot for as long as possible, especially during this phase – but since this is only possible at suitable temperatures and on suitable surfaces and the little ones often want to take a few steps outside, “Porto” was specially designed for these first steps outdoors and indoors. It features a wide, soft leather sole with anti-slip rubber insert – this is very flexible and very flat. The “Porto” lace-up shoe is also available in a lined version (organic wool) – and from 2024 also in a version with a Velcro fastener.

The new POLOLO for optimal protection during the first steps

  • The “Porto” models are made of vegetable-tanned leather – making them especially skin-friendly for little walking beginners.
  • The toe box is extra wide for ergonomic reasons.
  • “Porto” offers optimal protection for the first steps outside.

The POLOLO alternative to socks or crawling slippers

The “Porto” sole is made for the start period of small walkers, because it is deliberately designed to be particularly soft and cuddly. If used for too long, as is the case with small “long-distance runners”, on asphalt or other sharp surfaces, it could be damaged – the “Porto” is designed for the start of walking and serves as an alternative to socks or crawling slippers, which often offer too little protection.

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“Porto”: The new POLOLO toddlers’ shoe