Our Team

Franziska Kuntze

Executive Director

Franziska is the head of POLOLO and has been running the business alone since 2021 without her former partner Verena. She is very committed to ecological textiles and natural leather and is the honorary chairperson of IVN – the International Association for Natural Textiles. Franziska also loves chocolate and it shows.

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POLOLO‘s Production


Our POLOLOs are produced in Spain. With a lot of love for craftsmanship and sustainable materials. We have been working with our Spanish colleagues since 2011 and we have been sharing the joy of beautiful, sustainable children’s shoes for many years now. About 20 employees work in the production there. Because we have such a close relationship with our Spanish friends, our models are often named after Spanish regions or associations one has with this beautiful country, terms or names such as: “Mare”, “Playa”, “Aragon”, “Santana”, “Pepe”, “Sol”… etc.

Dirk Pinnow

Project Staff

Our “POLOLO man”! Dirk has been with POLOLO since 2013 and now loves to sit among his chicken pile. He always remains calm, deliberate and even-tempered. The only thing you can’t do well with Dirk is gossip.

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Natalie is our latest POLOLO recruit and we are very happy to welcome her to the team. She is a mother of two young sons herself and knows from her own experience how difficult it is to find good children’s shoes, so her boys are big POLOLO fans. Natalie loves nature, riding and northern Germany. She is open, cheerful, hands-on and pragmatic – a true Berliner.

+49 (0)30 797 098 66
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Warehouse and logistics: Hilke and Katharina

Office & Sales

The POLOLO warehouse is located in Wilsum in Lower Saxony. Our logistician is GOTS-certified and works as sustainably as possible for the sake of our little and larger customers, our shoes and our environment. Nothing is thrown away that could be used again. We ship with “DHL Go Green” – climate neutral. The team there is really great and highly professional. It consists of about 50 people. Hilke and Katharina are responsible for us at POLOLO. With them, the shipping, warehousing and logistics work great!


Our lookbook

We show you our models and variants at a glance. Find the right shoe for your children!