The new collection

New cuts, barefoot soles, new model ranges and functions and, above all, the variety also of new ecological materials have met with great enthusiasm among children, parents and retailers. We have increasingly expanded the vegan line as well as the barefoot model range.

POLOLO member of the ANWR and Rexor trade cooperations
Since 2022, POLOLO has also been an ANWR and Rexor supplier through Primeri GmbH. Members of the ANWR or the Rexor group are requested to contact us!

Ecological materials
As honorary chairperson of the board of the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry (IVN), Franziska Kuntze pursues the highest ecological goals for the production of shoes and the use of materials in all matters. Only vegetable-tanned, IVN-certified natural leather is used for POLOLO leather shoes. The POLOLO winter collection is characterised by cuddly soft wool  inings from controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT). In recent years, customers and POLOLO itself have expressed a desire to find non-leather materials that are visually appealing, ecologically aluable and child-friendly in terms of their properties.

Vegan collection to be expanded
For the leather-free POLOLO collection, which is appealing to vegans as well as all other shoe lovers, a cactus leather alternative (made from the leaves of the prickly pear), organic cotton (cbc), Recy-tex (made from recycled fabric scraps and webs) and SEAQUAL® YARN (made from maritime upcycled plastic) are used.

Expansion of the barefoot collection
POLOLO has succeeded in developing soles that are particularly flexible – and without the use of softeners! We are also pleased to present our new barefoot sneakers, winter boots and ballerinas to our retailers in the current 2022/23 catalogue. The barefoot sneakers are also available for summer in organic cotton.