Vegan Shoes

POLOLOs made from vegan materials
Upcyling sea plastic, organic cotton or cactus leather alternative

Focus on sustainability throughout the process chain.

Upcyling sea plastic as a material alternative: POLOLOs made from SEAQUAL® YARN

The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE {} has dedicated itself to the motto “TOGETHER FOR A CLEAN OCEAN!”, because every year many millions of tons of plastic waste still end up in our oceans and endanger the environment. Through their commitment, plastic waste is collected from the seabed off the Spanish coast by around 400 partner fishermen and then processed into SEAQUAL® YARN.
The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE partner network includes fishing boats, spinning mills, weaving mills and brands committed to the common goal of ridding the ocean of waste and producing ecologically sound yarns, fibres and fabrics: “YOUR STEPS FOR A CLEAN OCEAN!” POLOLO offers slippers and street shoes (“Chico”) with various motifs made of SEAQUAL® YARN.

Textile slippers made of organic cotton (coc)

Organic cotton, i.e. from controlled biological cultivation, is characterised by a focus on preserving the ecological balance – there is a general ban on genetic engineering. Furthermore, value is placed on optimised water consumption as well as high social standards and fair wages.
Thus, soft cotton in organic quality is also used as an ecological material alternative for the POLOLO slipper collection. These slippers in the double sizes 18/19 to 26/27 are characterised by health-friendly dyes and are equipped with an integrated elastic band for an optimal fit and a non-slip POLOLO sole. They are even washable in the wool wash cycle at max. 30° C.

Cactus leather alternative: 100% vegan outdoor sneakers

POLOLO is committed to the search for new ecological, modern solutions and materials for the production of beautiful and contemporary children’s shoes. Concern for the environment and the future requires innovative, climate and environmentally friendly solutions for the production of shoes and clothing.
As a result of a long search for a beautiful material supplement for the POLOLO shoe collection that is independent of leather, this was found in Mexico – from the leaves of the prickly pear! Prickly pears are cultivated there in a controlled organic (coc) manner. The sneakers, made in Spain from the vegan material obtained from this, are equipped with very flexible soles and an inner lining made of microfibre.