Kindergarten Shoes

Leather and wool barefoot shoes for kindergarten children
Well equipped for every season

Barefoot POLOLOs for lively kindergarten children are especially breathable, skin-friendly, soft and allergy-friendly.

For agile kindergarten children: barefoot shoes with TPR sole

Only vegetable-tanned IVN-certified leather or wool is used for the production of the barefoot kindergarten shoes. This means that chrome leather and leather tanned with other heavy metals are deliberately avoided, as are chemical preservatives.
The dyes used to colour the leather must also be free of AOX (Adsorbable Organically Bound Halogens) and heavy metals – and the leathers are uncoated. Barefoot POLOLOs are particularly breathable, skin-friendly, soft and allergy-friendly.

Wool barefoot shoes made of felt for the chilly season

POLOLO’s woollen barefoot shoes made of felt are manufactured of 100 percent Tyrolean woolwalk: Only the finest merino wool is used for this – this is felted with clear mountain water from the Tyrolean Alps. Sheep’s wool is breathable, robust, heat-insulating and water-repellent – material made from it is characterised by high elasticity. Wool felt is also resistant and hardly creases, it also has a cushioning effect against mechanical damage – so it is ideal for enterprising kindergarten children!
They can romp around in their wool felt barefoot shoes and dash through the area – in the kindergarten or even at home. The material’s heavy flammability is also considered a very welcome property. POLOLOs “Barefoot” outdoor collection is designed for outdoors and also the special requirements in the kindergarten with TPR sole. In order to provide a lot of free space for the toes overall, the toe area at the big toe is cut straight.