And what does eurythmy have to do with our POLOLOs?

Eurythmy is the art of expressing language or music with the body through movement. It connects mind and body and strengthens social behaviour and trust in a community. Through coordination exercises it helps to connect the body with the head.

The word “eurythmy” is derived from the Greek words eu, meaning “right”, “good”, and rhythmus, which can be translated as “even measure” or “right proportion”. Together these expressions form the word “eurythmy” and mean as much as symmetry in movement, beautiful movement, flow of gestures or play of colours.

Eurythmy is an anthroposophical art of movement

Eurythmy is an anthroposophical art of movement and was developed 100 years ago by Rudolf Steiner together with Marie von Sivers. Today this anthroposophical art of movement is divided into three branches:

  • Stage art
  • Therapeutic method (Eurythmy Therapy)
  • Integral part of Waldorf Education


The own body as an instrument of eurythmy

Eurythmy is taught from kindergarten onwards: There too it is practised in a playful way. The instrument of eurythmy is the body itself. It is used to express music and language. There is an “alphabet”, that is, each sound from “A” to “Z” has its own gesture with which it can be expressed. These sounds serve as the basis for our ability to move and express ourselves. With body feeling we can trace them and make them visible in movement.
In eurythmy, arms and hands articulate soft, flowing gestures; legs and feet usually follow an (energetic) form, a choreography. The great thing about eurythmy is that it is very easy to get into. Even small children without dance experience can be picked up and together with the teachers enter into a story and experience it in movement.

pololo-barefoot-ballerina-rot-frontal-maedchen-gehend-wieseRhythmic order of eurythmy creates tension between thinking and feeling

Eurythmy in the school lives from the energy of the community. It is about what happens between people. It is about the individual in and around the group, about distance and closeness and forms. It is a give and take between people. According to the principle of order and chaos. In this way the children not only become more attuned to each other in the group, but also learn to experience and express feelings and states of the soul in the playful lightness of eurythmy. Eurythmy wants to experience and create in togetherness. The rhythmic order of eurythmy creates a field of tension between thinking and feeling.
It is a give and take between people. The apparent lightness and playfulness that leave room for each individual to find their own way in this art of movement actually follow complex rules. Every sound has its meaning, every movement to the sounds follows an energetic force. Everything in life is energy. Eurythmy too.

pololo-barefoot-ballerina-rot-seitlich-maedchen-tanzend-wieseEurythmy Therapy as a holistic individual treatment

Eurythmy Therapy is a special kind of eurythmy, a therapeutic method. It belongs to the circle of Anthroposophical Medicine. It is a holistic individual therapy. It is used for acute, chronic or degenerative diseases of the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the metabolic system and the musculoskeletal system. Also for child developmental disorders, disabilities, psychosomatics, psychiatry, eye and dental problems.
There are special clothes and shoes that are worn: silk dresses and eurythmy shoes. These shoes are specially designed for the flowing movements of eurythmy. The Ballerinas from our POLOLO Barefoot collection also fit well, as they can help the little feet to perform the right movements. They are made of very soft, vegetable-tanned leather and nestle around the little feet like a second skin. They are similar to eurythmy shoes and can be put on easily by smaller children themselves.

Photos: POLOLO’s "Barefoot Ballerina" (Stephanie Kison)