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Vegan colourful shoes made from SEAQUAL® YARN

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE: “Together for a clean ocean!”

This motto of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE inspired us to create our new colourful children’s shoe collection made from upcycled marine plastic. Unfortunately, many millions of tons of waste still end up in our oceans every year. We all know: This is a danger to our environment! For SEAQUAL® YARN, this plastic waste is collected from the seabed off the Spanish coast by around 400 partner fishermen and then processed into SEAQUAL® YARN – each produced kilogram corresponds to continue reading


IVN: For sustainability, respect and responsibility

POLOLO interview with Heike Hess, head of the office of the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry

The International Association of the Natural Textile Industry e.V. (IVN) is committed to sustainability, respect and responsibility towards the environment. At all stages of production and distribution, this attitude is to be implemented and brought to the attention of as many people as possible. POLOLO conducted an interview with Heike Hess, the continue reading