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Eurythmy – what’s that?

And what does eurythmy have to do with our POLOLOs? Eurythmy is the art of expressing language or music with the body through movement. It connects mind and body and strengthens social behaviour and trust in a community. Through coordination exercises it helps to connect the body with the head. The word “eurythmy” is derived… continue reading


Barefoot in vegetable-tanned leather

New styles in the 2021 collection: POLOLO barefoot shoes

We only use vegetable-tanned leather for manufactoring our barefoot collection. POLOLO barefoot shoes are particularly breathable, skin-friendly, soft and continue reading


The anthroposophical way of life: Do POLOLOs fit in?

Rudolf Steiner is a well-known name for many

Steiner has become known worldwide as the founder of anthroposophy, school founder, artist and social reformer. He was a lateral thinker in his time and moved many things. Waldorf education focuses on the continue reading


Children’s shoes: Less is more!

POLOLO retailers‘ lecture evening in the POLOLO ShowRoom on learning to walk

In June 2019, we had our lecture evening on “Child Foot Development” with the physiotherapist and children’s therapist Silke Lucht in our POLOLO ShowRoom. Thank you to everyone who attended – it was an interesting and enjoyable evening – and we look forward to more gatherings. If you are interested in attending further lectures with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. For those who continue reading


Rapid, episodic growth is an individual process

Did you know that children’s feet are by no means scaled-down adult feet? They are something special and are characterised by the fact that they are still very soft and easily deformable. Familiarise yourself with their special needs: POLOLO would like to provide information and suggestions in a loose sequence – this article is dedicated to the impressive growth of little feet. All data are average values, because continue reading


Dr. Wieland Kinz about children’s feet and shoes

For POLOLO, Nina Massek conducted an interview with Dr. Wieland Kinz from the children’s feet-children’s shoes research team: continue reading


Chromate as an underestimated health hazard

POLOLO only uses chromate-free leather from Germany

The EU had published a regulation on March 26th, 2014, according to which the long-standing strict German regulation regarding chromium (VI) in leather goods must also be adopted throughout the European Union. Chromate allergy is considered an increasing challenge, as according to medical experts, there are already 500,000 people in Germany who are affected by it – and the number is rising. The sensitisation triggered by contact with chromate, i.e. chromium (VI), in leather shoes remains virulent for a lifetime. Experts believe that around continue reading