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Fashion companies in the clothing and shoe industries are seeing an increase in demand for environmentally friendly materials with convincing sustainability – in terms of nature and resource conservation, but also in terms of fabric properties. In addition to tried and tested textiles, so-called cactus leather is also often used to reconcile the valued properties of genuine leather with ecological and ethical demands: “Cactus Leather” is increasingly replacing the use of animal leather. POLOLO also offers a range of children’s shoe models made of a special cactus leather alternative.

What you should know about POLOLOs made of Cactus Leather in general:

POLOLO uses a cactus leather alternative that is made from the robust Mexican Prickly Pear Cactus in a convincingly ecological way: This requires very little water and no pesticides are used. After the leaves are harvested – leaving its root undamaged – it can grow again.

If you compare this cactus leather alternative with the already known so-called artificial leather, it convinces with its better breathability and a more comfortable wearing feeling.

POLOLOs made of Cactus Leather at a glance:

  • “Cactus Leather” is not real leather, but a vegan leather alternative without any animal components.
  • At the current stage of development, it is convincing in terms of feel and durability.
  • To produce it, the prickly pear leaves are harvested and turned into a pulpy mass, which then dries out under the Mexican sun. To achieve strength and dimensional stability, this mass is then mixed with polyurethane (PU) and applied to a thin cotton fabric.
  • “Cactus Leather” is water-repellent.
  • The cultivation of the Prickly Pear Cactus in Mexico is controlled organic.
  • Additional irrigation is not used.
  • As the Prickly Pear leaves dry in the sun, no further energy source is needed for this.
  • Our POLOLOs made from them are basically vegan – the outer material is made from this cactus leather alternative, the inner lining is made from microfibre.
  • Below you will find our current collection overview.

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