Children’s shoes and indoor slippers from POLOLO are allergy-friendly

January 2012 – The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) has certified POLOLO, a programme for the production of children’s shoes and indoor slippers, as suitable for allergy sufferers.

ecarf-seal-2020The ECARF Seal certifies that Pololo shoes are particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The shoes are created using soft, plant-dyed, chrome free nappa leather. The 69 varieties of skin-friendly and environmentally-friendly slippers are biodegradable at the end of their lives.

Under the motto: «Quality of life in spite of allergies», the seal identifies everyday products that are proven to improve and make easier the lives of allergy sufferers.

Details about ECARF

The European Foundation of Allergy Research has awarded this seal since the end of 2006. It is based on criteria of quality developed according to current research results. Allergic illnesses are increasing continually. Verena Carney spoke of this success: „We are very pleased to receive this award and we think it is particularly important to specifically identify products that are hypoallergenic and free from harmful substances, because we have allergy sufferers in our own families. Far too many children’s shoes are still burdened with these substances. This reputable seal clearly identifies for consumers which products are hypoallergenic!“

Allergies are dramatically on the rise in industrialised countries. In Europe today, more than one third of the population is affected.

Allergies restrict quality of life, impair health and can even become life-threatening. The effects of allergies on learning capacity are also significant. Scientific studies have shown that exam performance among school children and students who suffer from allergies is at a rate 30% lower than that of their peers, resulting in a general trend of significantly lower grades.