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Fashion Revolution Day: POLOLO manufactory with heart and hand

On April 24th, 2020 POLOLO will also be showing its face – “I made your shoes”

[Berlin. 24.04.2020] The collapse of the textile factory “Rana Plaza” in Bangladesh on April 24th, 2013 is considered a wake-up call for consumerism in the Western world: Several hundred people lost their lives or were seriously injured in this avoidable catastrophe in Dhaka. Franziska Kuntze makes this clear: “Cheap production can cost others dearly. Someone then pays for it. And we at POLOLO don’t want that, we want to produce good, durable shoes. In Germany and in Spain.” This is why POLOLO has consciously stood for fair and ecological conditions in the production of children’s shoes since its foundation in 2003 and is showing its face on “Fashion Revolution Day 2020”.

Brought out of anonymity: showing face at the workplace

The initiative “Fashion Revolution Day” was founded in commemoration of the “Rana Plaza” catastrophe. It wants to show worldwide that other production conditions, in which the health of the mostly anonymous hard-working employees is also a criterion for success, are possible.

So now, face is always shown on April 24th: People from all over the world give their personal answer to the question “Who made my clothes?” at their workplace – POLOLO is also there and emphasizes: “I made your shoes.”

POLOLO shows its faces all year round

According to the German section of this initiative, which has been in existence since 2014, people from more than 68 countries are already taking part in the “Fashion Revolution Day” this year.

POLOLO shows its face all year round – especially at the popular warehouse sale in its own manufactory and at other special events. This emphasizes the high value of the people who stand for the stylish ecological children’s shoes with “heart and hand”. Below are some of the employees of the POLOLO manufactory in Oberreichenbach:

POLOLO: "I made your shoes!POLOLO: "I made your shoes!POLOLO: "I made your shoes!POLOLO: "I made your shoes!POLOLO: "I made your shoes!POLOLO: "I made your shoes!