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A telephone number that everybody should keep in mind: 112

“Woo-woo, woo-woo…” – the fire truck or the ambulance is approaching… In order that emergency calls can be made uniformly in Europe, February 11th was deliberately declared the “European Day of the Emergency Call 112”. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones!

POLOLO supports “Felix” baby emergency ambulance – join in!

Did you know that we support the Björn Steiger Foundation in Leipzig by selling our “ambulance” shoe? To be precise, the emergency baby ambulance “Felix”. This is always used when newborns have to be transferred to a special clinic – a very important special ambulance which can save the lives of so many babies. Join in, support our cause and the foundation: Buy our “ambulance”!

Many thanks and respect for our firefighters!

We all are lucky when, after an accident or in a severe medical situation, emergency services can come to the rescue quickly. There are currently 109 professional fire brigades in Germany – but without the voluntary fire brigade rescue operations in rural areas would be unthinkable.

Dial 112 and be ready to answer to 5 important questions…

The sequence of numbers 112 is one of the most important telephone numbers that you and your kids should know. If there is an emergency, it is important for the control of the rescue operation that you answer the following five questions calmly and understandably:
• Where did the accident/emergency occur?
• What happened?
• How many and, if applicable, which persons (e.g. children, disabled persons) are affected?
• What type of illness/injury/damage is present?
• Who reports the emergency? Always be prepared for the rescue control centre to call back!

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