Children's ShoesHealthMobility is based upon training!

Adults and other children decisively shape the attitude of the little ones to walk

[Berlin, August 8th, 2018] Our feet are a real marvel – by the way, the training of the child’s motor skills begins right after birth: When you hold your baby in your arms and carry it around with you, you are already starting an important training process – the little one learns to hold on first, to be able to hold his head and to balance. These are the basics then for learning to walk. In order to have fun and to be able to walk on your own legs, POLOLO chooses popular motifs for its indoor shoes: animals and vehicles as well as well-known figures from German television broadcasts.

Practice, practice and practice again: coordination and movement

When we walk, our total weight is on our feet, whilst their area of ground contact being comparatively small. They must provide a very complex balance of strength, elasticity, flexibility and sensibility with every movement. Hundreds of muscles are activated at each step, as well as many tendons and bones – the whole body rotates while the head is normally held in the walking direction. What a challenge to our perception and coordination of movement sequences!
It is necessary to train the little feet regularly, because only by the alternating pressure load occurring during the hopping, climbing and running, the musculature and the connective tissue can develop – so that at the end you’ll have a young person with a healthy body feeling and great skills who is able to move self-determined. Much of the human body is challenged while walking to allow a quick balance at any time – so it is important for you to know that each child takes its own development path and any of its phases can have a different duration.

Best learning from other children

Basically, each newly trained movement is based upon the previous one! For example, your child needs first of all to learn how to access and hold on tight – this is the only way to succeed in pulling up on furniture and standing up. After that the child can start to make own steps aside… And some day then a wonderful moment occurs: The child can stand free alone and take the first steps forward. An additional motivation to learn to walk with fun is the contact with other children, because playing together awakens the joy of movement and also the healthy ambition to emulate others.
Whether in the presence of adults or other children: In order to give due attention to the small feet, POLOLO selects popular motifs among adults and children for the handmade slippers, such as: land, air and water animals, special vehicles as well as well-known figures from children television broadcasts in Germany…