Children's ShoesHealthchildren's feet a very special

The rapid, batch-wise growth is always individual

[Berlin, August 8th, 2018] Did you know that children’s feet are by no means downsized adult feet? They are indeed something special and characterized by the fact that they are still very soft and easily deformable. You should familiarize yourself with their special needs: POLOLO would like to provide you information and suggestions from time to time – this article e.g. is dedicated to the impressive growing of the feet. All figures are averages because growth is always individual.

Impressive growth of around three shoe sizes in one year

The baby foot, with all its cartilage / bones, ligaments, muscles, as well as various joints and tendons that together enable the mobility, is developing rapidly. It grows much faster than the other body parts – the growth is up to two centimetres per year, which corresponds to about three shoe sizes. The feet grow after birth in short, thrusting intervals and reach half of the final foot length in toddler’s age.

Maturing of feet can last until early adulthood

From the age of five to puberty, the feet then grow annually by an average of about one centimetre. It can last until early adulthood until the feet are fully mature. Whoever buys shoes for growth, should remember that shoes always have to be suitable, so they are only be worn at the right time!

The walking learner’s period – an adventure for both parents and children

Learning to walk is a basic experience for every human being. It takes a lot of stamina and motivation to get up after every downfall, even if it hurt. The little ones are conquering a larger world step by step. For this purpose, faults, obstacles and sources of danger should be identified in advance and kept as far away as possible. This phase is exciting for your children and you in several ways: And this adventure should be experienced with joy!

Feet’s health protection starts in babyhood

For the little ones, it is an incentive to develop normally, and you too are reminded that in order to stay healthy, people need regular exercise of their own accord. Experts estimate that about 98 percent of all people are lucky enough to have healthy feet when they are born. But only about 40 percent of adults today are considered to have healthy feet. This clear difference underlines how important it is to help children’s feet grow undisturbed and mature healthy!