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POLOLO’s slipper style “Polar Bear” reminds of the fate of this very popular bear species all year round

[Berlin, February 27th, 2018] The “International Polar Bear Day” was first celebrated on the initiative of US zoos on February 27, 2004, and has been a due day on the calendar every year since: The attention of the public should be focused on this beautiful but very wild animal, whose existence in the Arctic is considered endangered – experts estimated in 2006 that there are only about 25,000 of them living in the wild worldwide. The WWF e.g. is committed to preserving the last habitats of polar bears and further exploring their way of life. POLOLO’s slipper style “Polar Bear” shall remind of the fate of this very popular bear species all year round.

Polar giants: up to 0.8 metric tons heavy, more than three meters tall…

Incidentally, the polar bear, in German called “ice bear”, is closely related to the brown bear and is considered the largest land-based predator on earth. He hunts in pack ice in winter and spring and feeds almost exclusively on meat in order to get a layer of fat, five to ten centimeters thick, beneath the adult black skin. In some zoos on February 27th in order to celebrate this day, an extra portion of fish is spent to the polar bears.

Adult males reach an average head-hull length of 2.40 to 2.60 meters. The weight of adult animals is between 300 and 800 kilograms. Its bright, very dense, water-repellent coat is useful for camouflage. Their coat has another special feature: The outer hair is hollow, which provides additional insulation and more buoyancy while swimming.

Since 1973 there is a protection agreement

Polar bears were severely threatened by hunting in the 1950s and 1960s – their worldwide population is estimated to have sunk to only 5,000 to 10,000 animals.

Therefore, in 1973, Canada, the United States of America, Denmark, Norway, and the then Soviet Union agreed in a contract to restrict hunting, protect their natural habitats, and strengthen joint research. As a result, the stock rose again to about 20,000 to 25,000 animals.

The POLOLO “Polar Bear”: suitable for the next generation of Great Walkers…

The polar bear plays a special role in the mythology of Arctic natives. He is on the crest of Greenland and those of some other Nordic countries. In the language of the Greenland Inuit, he is called “Angalatooq” (The Great Walker), because he rambles extreme distances in search of food. The Inuit worship him because of his intelligence, strength, fearlessness and endurance.

So, POLOLO’s “Polar Bear”, available in the sizes 18/19 to 26/27, is an ideal protection for today’s small but future Great Walkers. It offers sufficient freedom of movement in order to provide a healthy development of the soft child’s feet whilst they are on their exploratory tours.


Other special events on February 27th (a selection):

  • In 1655, the first beacon in a lighthouse was lit at the southernmost point of Norway.
  • The first women’s magazine in the world was published in London in 1693: “The Ladies’ Mercury”.
  • The Spanish part of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola became independent from Haiti in 1844 as the Dominican Republic.
  • In 1866, Wilhelm Adolf Lette founded in Berlin the Association for the promotion of gainful employment of females (today: Lette Association).
  • The new building of the Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) was inaugurated in 1905.
  • In the US, the 22nd Amendment to the constitution limited the president’s term of office to a maximum of two periods in 1951.