Calendar Sheet

11th of February was chosen due to the number sequence 1-1-2

[Berlin, February 11th, 2018] In 2009 the European Union (EU) declared the “European 112 Day” with respect to the numerical sequence 1-1-2 to happen every 11th of February: The intention was to make the Europe-wide validity of the 112 emergency call and its benefits throughout the EU more visible in public. POLOLO has included the slipper “Fire Truck” in the SOFT collection to honour the often heavy and so important jobs of emergency service people.

“112”: a community symbol for emergency aid in the EU

The need to inform EU citizens about the Europe-wide emergency telephone number were obvious after surveys from the beginning of 2008: According to this, only an average of 22 percent of respondents knew that the “112” applies throughout the EU – in Germany, however, just twelve percent! Over the years, a continuous growth of awareness has been achieved.

The Europe-wide emergency call was introduced as early as 1991 –  today, EU Member States are required to ensure a toll-free call to all users of landline and mobile phones. The “112” EU emergency number thus has become the common symbol of emergency assistance in the European Union. But even outside EU many countries follow this emergency call system.

Telephony providers are obliged to provide the rescuers with information about the location of the caller in order to be able to quickly provide targeted help to those affected.

Keep calm and report precise information!

The mobile phone automatically searches for the strongest operator network in the area. As national mobile networks do not immediately stop at the national border, the country code should be selected in areas close to the border if necessary, in order to be connected directly to the nearest official control center (for example in Germany: 0049 112).

In most EU countries one can communicate in English, often also German is understood. Although the questionnaire of the control center varies from one country to another, in principle, when issuing an emergency call, it must be clearly stated:

• Where has the accident / emergency occurred (specify the precise location: town/village, street, house number and if necessary floor)?

• What happened (e.g. car accident, fire, avalanche, electric shock)?

• How many people are affected (if possible indicate whether, for example, children or disabled people are affected)?

• What type of illness / injury / harm occurred?

• Who reports the emergency?

It is very important for the notifier to wait for any queries and not just end the call without being asked – it may be necessary for the task force to ask for further details. In addition, the control center wants to be sure that it is really a serious emergency call. Because of repeated erroneous or fake emergency calls via mobile phones, it is now necessary to have an activated SIM card in the mobile phone in most countries.

POLOLO’s “Fire Truck” slippers are available EU-wide and fits well

The POLOLO “Fire Truck” is also available EU-wide and fits well everywhere! It is intended to protect the little ones during their first steps – as with all POLOLO shoes, they also offer enough freedom of movement for the healthy development of the child’s soft feet. The comfortable and vegetable-tanned nappa leather is particularly breathable and hypoallergenic. This slipper meets the requirements of the “IVN Leather Directive”. This model is available in sizes 18/19 to 32/33.

By the way, our POLOLO blog also shows a post on the subject of the firefighters’ history, their duties and remarkable special equipment.


Other special events on February 11th (a selection):

  • Robert Fulton received a US patent on his steamboat version in 1809.
  • In 1826, the University of London was founded as a competitor to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
  • The so-called Weimar National Assembly elected the former Social Democratic chancellor Friedrich Ebert as the first president of the “Weimar Republic” in 1919.
  • The “Beatles” recorded their entire first album “Please Please Me” in 1963.
  • In 1990, the Soviet head of state Mikhail Gorbachev agreed during a meeting with Chancellor Helmut Kohl that Germany may reunite.
  • After landing on the surface of Mars at the end of 2003, the ESA had to declare the “Beagle 2” lander as “lost”.