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Franziska Kuntze & Verena Carney

Franziska Kuntze & Verena Carney

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We are POLOLO:

Franziska Kuntze and her staff in Berlin take care of general management, and in Herzogenaurach in Bavaria, our other general manager Verena Carney leads a production team of seamstresses and leather cutters.

POLOLO is built on four principles: excellent handicraft, charming design, production in Germany as well as social and ecological accountability. Each model is a distinct piece of craftsmanship: designed by Verena Carney, vegetably tanned in Germany and finally hand-sewn by experienced professionals in POLOLOs factory. Out of a feeling of responsibility for the environment and future generations, POLOLO works as ecologically as possible. This is implemented throughout the supply chain: From the transport of the skins to the tanning and processing to sales. Further members of the POLOLO family are our local suppliers and tanners - our business partners of many years, who share our values of ecological products and excellent workmanship.

Supreme quality, sustainable production and excellent skin tolerance have been verified by institutions such as Ökotest, Stiftung Warentest and Institut Fresenius. Praise also comes from Greenpeace:
The environmental group has distinguished our models „Moby“, „Nelly“ and „Orca“ as “exceptionally sustainable and socially responsible products”.

We started out small: In 2002, Verena Carney and Franziska Kuntze were looking for good learn-to-walk shoes for their kids. But the combination of pretty, functional and ecologically sound was nowhere to be found. This unsuccessful hunt turned into a business idea for the two mothers. Since then, hand-made POLOLOs have been produced in Herzogenaurach. In the beginning only learn-to-walk shoes. Meanwhile, the collection has grown to include slippers for the whole family, sold all over the world.

If you would like to know more about our leather, our production process and our standards, then send us an email or call us – we look forward to hearing from you!

Your POLOLO Team

PS: By the way, Pololo is Chilean for „my steady friend.“

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